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Tribeni International Ltd. (TIL) started its operation at the end of 1999 under the title of “Guan Choun Tribeni International Ltd” with active support of Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. Registered with the Board of Investment (BOI), this Overseas Training Center (OTC) was established to match the quality of Bangladeshi skilled workers with the international standards. The TIL is approved by BCA (Singapore) & CIDB (Malaysia) and follows their academic curriculam.

The center was established with the vision to improve the unemployment issues of the country. More importantly, the biggest advantage of TIL is availing the opportunity of fostering cooperation in building skilled manpower for Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, Libya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE etc. Keeping in view the large number of unemployed population in Bangladesh vis-a-vis the demand for workers in different countries, TIL began its journey.

The aspiring people are referred to our company by their friends and relatives who have been working or had worked earlier in different countries like Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Libya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc or they get information from newspaper advertisements and other relevant sources. Bangladeshi workers frequently face challenges while working in different countries. Often these workers step into unknown territories without the necessary skills that their jobs require. The reasons behind this are the lack of training facilities and genuine guidance. This is where Tribeni International comes in.